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Hot Tub Error Code Hh


All rights reserved. Dirty Filter.5. The temp sensor is the larger of the two silver bullets. You should be able to set the filtration cycle to FC to accomplish this. Check This Out

After about 45 Seconds, Check for Error Messages on the Topside Panel Display. If display message is repeated then shut the power off to the spa and contact your dealer or maintenance. Drain and Refill the Spa Water per Manufacturers Instructions. Too Many Closed Jets.6.

Cal Spa Hh Error Code

Do not enter the spa. Heat Related Pump Not Running.8. Currently authorized to perform warranty work on Cal Spa products.Education/CredentialsEight years of radar electronics training in the Air Force. All Reminder Messages can be Disabled through the Topside Panel Users Menu.* Note: The Balboa Default Interval is 180 Days, but some Spa Brands or Models may be Different.

If you continue to have the HH error after taking the above steps it's likely one of two problems: 1. Changed water and put in new filters. HOT = Circuit Board temperature has exceeded acceptable limit. Cal Spa Error Codes Escape™ Spas Pacifica EC-735L Tropical EC-735B Atlantic EC-835L Bel Air EC-835B Pacifica EC-751L Tropical EC-751B Atlantic EC-851L Bel Air EC-851B Malibu EC-754DL Windsor EC-852L Avalon EC-864L Cancun EC-864B El Grande EC-947E

SL = Sleep mode Brett Aqualine Control Systems for Spas or Hot Tubs: OH = Temp exceeds 118° F Fr = Freeze condition - temp below 40° FFL = Pressure switch I have a CALSPA hot tube Follow 2 answers 2 Report Abuse Are you sure you want to delete this answer? The spa obviously should not be used when OH or OHH is flashing on the topside control; as the water could be scalding hot for several more minutes. Check for Water Level, Flow Restrictions, Closed Valves, Air Bubbles, and Pump Prime, or contact your Dealer or Service Organization.Check for All of the following Conditions:1.

Any one have this issues or suggestions. What Does Hh Mean On A Hot Tub The Heater and Pump will Operate Any time the Thermostat Demands Heat. With the Heat Related Pump Running, wait at Least 2 Minutes for the Correct Actual Water Temperature to be Displayed. Note: A common programming mistake is overlapping filter times that may cause the spa to filter continuously.• Check the water level.• Check the water temperature with an accurate temperature thermometer.

Hot Tub Error Code Oh

Hold = Panel sensors have been pressed too many times in a short period of time.HOT = Circuit Board temperature has exceeded acceptable limit.ICE = Freeze protection. If you haven't successfully primed both pumps by the time the Priming Mode display ( Pr or PRIMING MODE depending on panel) ends, turn off the spa IMMEDIATELY.If after two minutes Cal Spa Hh Error Code Dream Maker Control Systems for Spas or Hot Tubs: OH = Overheat 108° F, spa is deactivated. Balboa Hot Tub Error Codes If this is alternating with the temperature, it may just be a temporary condition.

Water temperature has reached 118°F. his comment is here However, simply getting naked or touching each other does not always mean he likes you in a homosexual way, because he may probably just be curious. Hope it all works well for you. For further troubleshooting click here. Hot Tub Overheating Troubleshooting

Happy Hot Tubbin' Daniel Lara Hot Tub Works Tags: spa error codes, Spa Heater Elements, spa heaters This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 6:58 am and Heater is shut down, but other spa functions run normally.dr = Inadequate water detected in heater.dry = Inadequate water detected in heater. (Displays on third occurrence of "dr" message). These error codes can be caused for several different reasons. this contact form The most likely possible problem would be with the sensors or the board.

Expand» Details Details Existing questions More Tell us some more Upload in Progress Upload failed. Cal Spa Oh Code You can also check the pressure switch or flow switch with a an Ohm meter. FINAL NOTE: Most spas are equipped with pressure switches and can be found threaded into the stainless steel heater manifold.

Water temperature has reached 118ºF.

My breaker trips. If spa will not reset after spa has cooled, turn off power for approximately 30 seconds and then turn power back on. Therefore, "OHH" is considered to be a Flow Related Error.Check for All of the following Conditions:1. Sn Code On Hot Tub This is a normal spa function; no further action is necessary.When the auxiliary sensor reads around 40F- (actual temperature dependent on specific auxiliary sensor used), the system provides freeze protection.

Press "Mode" Button to Clear Message. Back to Top drY, dY, or HEATER DRY SERVICE REQD Message There is a Verified "Dry" (drY or dY) Condition in the Heater.The "dr" or "HEATER MAY BE DRY WILL RETEST Switch closed while pump is deactivated.COL = Cool condition. navigate here The priming mode will last for up to four minutes and then the spa will begin to heat and maintain the water temperature in the Standard mode.

You Must Press Any Button to Reset when Water is below 108°F (42.2°C). Then press Temp once to exit Priming Mode. Press "Mode" Button to Clear Message. what is it actually meant by 'options available' here in this context?

The Spa or Hot Tub Panel Displays: HL, HFL - This indicates that a substantial difference in temperature between sensors has been detected during heating. - This could indicate a flow Changed both sensors and still getting HH warning. Back to Top CrC or CHKSUM FAIL Message "Cyclic Redundancy Code" (CrC) Checksum Error.A "Cyclic Redundancy Code" (CrC) is a type of checksum algorithm that takes a string of data bytes This situation will generally take several days before the problem will show.

drops.HL = High limit switch tripped. Dirty Filter.5. Information Messages Table Information Messages Message Meaning Action Required 1. -- 2. --- 1. One of the sensors has detected that the spa water is 110°F.

FLO2 = Closed or shorted flow switch on system startup Pinnacle OH = Temperature has exceeded 110° F SN = Sensor failure FL = Flow/pressure switch stuck in closed position Spa Video should be smaller than 600mb/5 minutes Photo should be smaller than 5mb Video should be smaller than 600mb/5 minutesPhoto should be smaller than 5mb Related Questions My friend and I Heat Related Pump Not Running.8. Periodic Reminder Messages Message Frequency Action Required rPH Every 7 days Test and adjust pH levels r5A Every 7 days Test and adjust sanitizer levels rCL Every 30 days Remove, clean,

Patio™ Spas Round PZ-511R Balboa PZ-517L Vista PZ-617T Kona PZ-525L Hawaiian PZ-621L Pacifica PZ-722L Tropical PZ-722B Patio™ Plus Spas Balboa PPZ-525L Vista PPZ-628T Kona PPZ-537L Hawaiian PPZ-631L Pacifica PPZ-732L Tropical PPZ-732B Blocked Suction Fitting.3. Either way you likely need to replace the circuit board. I WAS SO IMPRESSED WITH HOW QUICK YOU ANSWERED MY QUESTIONS (ON A WEEKEND ESPECIALLY, WOW!!)" - Cheryl, Lake Stevens, WA "I don't know if u guys monitor this email address

Blocked Skimmer.4. Contact qualified service technician. Status of the heater element is unknown. Back to Top Snb, Sb, or SENSOR B SERVICE REQD Message "Sensor B" (Snb or Sb) is Not Operating Correctly.The Sensor Connected to the "Sens.B" Connector on the System Board may

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