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Triple and Quadruple Check ALL your settings Check your settings and check them again. reply Anonymous replied on April 20, 2013 - 7:34pm Permalink Thank you so much , you saved my phone after hours of searching you the only one that made sense and You can easily add a silent ringtone to your iPhone with iTunes. If you're a BusyBrain Hosting Jump to navigation You are hereHome › Frequently Asked Questions How can I fix a broken ring/silent switch on the iPhone?

Instructions can be found online, but they involve following 46 intricate steps to take apart and reassemble your device. Silence incoming text messages and other alerts. If you are looking for the opposite fix, because your iPhone is stuck on mute and won't ring, then follow this link for instructions on how to turn the sound back Simply re-restarting the computer CAN help, but a complete shut down and re-start will fix email problems 95% of the time. http://lifehacker.com/5853519/how-do-i-fix-my-bricked-android-phone

Click here for more information on account name settings. All those drones under the Christmas tree—ready for fun and mayhem right out of the box. An estimated half-million drones were sold to US consumers in the last three years—and that was before everyone had a very, merry drone Christmas last year.

Navigate to Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtone. 5. Well, by necessity, these things are built to be light and very powerful—meaning they break. In the past, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) allowed mail to flow through their systems on the way to a server that would hopefully check it for spam, viruses, and spyware. So, if your email address is [email protected], your account name would be [email protected]

Temporarily silence your incoming calls by setting a silent ringtone on your iPhone as the default. Although it costs $3 you can completely circumvent and control the broken hardware ring/silent switch with this app. Settings>General>Accessibility>TripleClickHome>AssistiveTouch>On Then VOILA! http://windows.microsoft.com/en-hk/windows/fix-network-adapter-problems How can I fix a broken ring/silent switch on the iPhone?

Use the built-in virtual Mute button to silence the device. Are you having any of these problems with your email? Last but not least, another jailbreak option is to install the utility Auto Silent. This will give the memory time to clear and the ROM BIOS chip time to re-set.

This includes your email account name and your POP and SMTP server names. (If you're unsure about how to input these, check out our page on how to set up email http://www.busybrain.net/emailprobs.htm Although none of these fixes are as convenient or easy as a functional ring/silent switch, they might be preferable to an embarrassing unexpected ring. North Carolina and Ohio ISPs seem to be at the forefront of this movement, but BusyBrain has now heard from customers in Georgia and Texas who are starting to encounter this Try a local SMTP setting The SMTP (Small Mail Transfer Protocol) is what sends email FROM your computer.

Speaking of mayhem, here’s our CEO Kyle droning on and on—like he does. Some software can be set to check outgoing email for viruses, and this could be causing you problems if you use email stationery, graphics, or attachments when you send email. Will my alarm sound when the iPhone is on silent / mute? It's Not Working!

click the glowing button in the top left of the screen and select phone then you have a chance to mute/unmute. Turn on Airplane Mode. Your account name should be your email address in all lower case. Trying telling the software not to scan OUTGOING mail.

You can try changing your SMTP setting in your email software to force your email to use the local ISP, and if that doesn't work you can change it back. To get started, we invited our friend David Hoyt—Cal Poly Computer Engineering graduate and our local drone expert—to spend a week at our office in SLO and kick-start our Drone Repair Sometimes the ring/silent switch on the side of the iPhone starts malfunctioning.

reply Anonymous replied on March 12, 2013 - 9:03am Permalink Thank you so much!!

Settings should be in ALL lower case. How do I create custom vibration patterns in iOS 8? You learned how to fly them—we’ll teach you how to fix them. And with David's help, we made a full set of repair manuals for two of the more popular consumer drones out there—the original DJI Phantom, and the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+.

Navigate to Settings -> Sounds -> Text Tone -> None. There are exceptions to this when it comes to Local SMTP Settings. Without coverage from Apple, you are faced with a large bill or a difficult physical repair. So we're pretty sure quite a few of those Christmas drones are laying abandoned in closets or garages, broken, and probably in pieces.

Keeps asking for user name or password. tags:Sounds and RingtonesSounds and Ringtones More Like This Will I be able to use iTunes music for my ring tones? Navigate to Settings -> Airplane Mode -> ON. 2. Although not ideal, if your iPhone is in a bag it might be quiet enough.

With iOS 7 installed, check these instructions on how to enable the Mute button using AssistiveTouch. 4. If you're having any of these problems, turn your computer off and leave it off for at least 30 seconds. David has built heavy lift octocopters to film with the RED Epic camera, autonomous drones, a rainbow drone, and on top of all that has built and flown drones for Hollywood That, and drones practically invite themselves to be crashed into trees, knocked into buildings, dunked into lakes, and sent flying into your boss’s car.

A lot. written by Andrew Goldberg Probably the coolest gadget of 2014, consumer drones have really begun to take off (eh, ehhh?). While he was here, he also made a FlyAway troubleshooting resource—just in case your flight controller malfunctions, causing the drone to fly erratically and ignore user input.

If the reverse is true, that you haven't used the "@yourcompany.com" suffix, then try adding it. Click here for a list of ISPs and their settings Change your email account name suffix If you've entered your email account name as "[email protected]", and can't send email, try changing Update your Windows XP If you're using Windows XP as your operating system, you may need to download and install Service Pack 3. So where are all the drones now?

After some research. Get weird pop-up errors in Outlook or Outlook Express. Here are some suggested workarounds to replace the ring/silent switch without turning off your iPhone: 1.

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