Billiards City Android 1.0.35

There are loads of simulators in the video game market. Although they lure in all sorts of users, they’re usually focused on gamers that will never be able to enjoy that real-life experience (such as piloting a Boeing 777) or on users that are really quite clumsy, as is the case of the Guitar Hero masters that have never played real guitar before. So, in the virtual world, you can become an expert in football, singing or gymnastics, even if you haven’t really got a clue. Even if you don’t know how to hold a pool cue, with Billiards City for Android, you can become the best player in the world, displaying all your accuracy and concentration (that’s why it’s usually played down the pub).

How to play

Once you’ve managed to download and install the APK file, the rest is child’s play. The first time you open the game, you’ll be offered a  really intuitive tutorial  that teaches you all the basic touchscreen controls, which are basically three:

  • Turn your cue to aim in the direction in which you want to take your shot.
  • With the right-hand-side bar, you can calculate the spin of the ball very accurately.
  • Use the left-hand-side bar to hit the ball with more or less strength on the child or shot to be taken.

Once you’ve configured your shot , choose the force, and the rest is history. Whilst you ‘re preparing the shot, you’ ll want to know how it will behave once you hit it. On each map, you’ll find a series of levels that you have to complete to continue playing. In turn, each one of them will reward you with lives that you will miss. The controls are very realistic and the 3D environment is very realistic. If you’re in billiards, you should definitely check this game out. Requirements and additional information:

Billiards Table with Balls and Cue on Smartphone Display 3D Illustration on White Background, Sport and Game App
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.3.


UPDATED : This year
SIZE : 18.1 MB

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