Crunchyroll – Everything Anime Latest Version 2.3.0 APK Download

First than anything, if there is you can expect from this app, it would be the fact that you can find great number of anime episodes in it. It holds more than 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of the series to watch. Of course, it includes the popular ones, like Boruto-Naruto the Next Generation, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and more. If you become the premium member, you can stream new episodes right after their broadcast in Japan. You can even watch them ad-free in HD quality as well.

This app has been newly added feature called Manga Shop. Through this feature, users will be able to find manga of their choice from all of the existing genres. However, this Manga Shop is not where you can only read them online. If you can’t find the time to read right away, you can always download the files to read later. Also, if you are not interested in reading manga in the form of files, you can purchase the comics from this Manga Shop. After all, it is a shop we are talking about here.

Now that you have known more or less about the app, you should spare your time learning the pros and cons that it might come with. Practically, they are the things that tell you how the app really is. Let’s see what you can learn about it here.


  • Easy Design to Navigate Around
  • Latest Releases of Anime and Manga
  • Manga of All Genres to Read and Buy
  • Variety of Anime to Watch After Broadcast


  • Incomplete Anime Collection
  • English-Only Supported

How to Use

Basically, this app is easy to use and you should be able to know your way around it quickly. It can be used immediately for free. However, to make the most of Crunchyroll – Everything Anime for Android, you need to sign up for premium membership and enjoy its 14-day free trial to stream up to date releases, watch ad-free in HD quality, and read as well as purchase manga as well. Alternatively, you can use VPN to unlock region and to block disturbing ads while watching the anime of your choice through this very app here.


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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