Download Clean Master for Android

Optimize your Android phone’s performance with Clean Master for Android.

Clean Master is a complete performance optimization suite for Android devices that includes numerous tools to help speed up your phone or tablet. The app has the ability to clean up junk files, such as cache and residual files, that eat up storage space and consume system resources. It can also reduce memory usage by closing active applications, boosting memory with a touch of a button.

On top of optimizing speed, Clean Master also includes robust security features. The AppLock feature lets you password-protect apps that you don’t want other people to use. You can also protect your image gallery, allowing only you to see the photos that you want secured. Clean Master also comes with powerful antivirus software that scans your device in seconds, instantly detecting and eliminating any threats.

Clean Master’s other features include app management, allowing you to uninstall unwanted apps, and CPU Cooler, which detects apps that are causing your phone to overheat, and terminates them, giving you a boost to your battery life.

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